Movie Review: Budweiser Presents: Dirty Grandpa

Ok, but hey, they should have called it that with the amount of product placement in this movie. -Steven Richard K

The thing I understand from watching the preview to this movie is that they want me to masturbate to this movie in the theater. I have heard that sex sells. It is a perfect time for people to start masturbating in movie theaters since it is getting more difficult to do at home (since Playboy is ending nudes and Hustler is ending magazines). My plan was to count the number of times one could masturbate in the theater to this movie if one was so inclined but instead I decided it would be more fun to count the times I saw Budweiser products. I counted no less than 10 instances where Budweiser, Bud Light, or those little stupid flavored malt liquors were featured on the screen.

It’s 5:30 pm on a Friday when this movie came out. There’s maybe 30 in the theater. I predict t his movie is going to bomb.

This movie is also going to get kids excited about smoking crack. At least one person is going to be as excited as Zac Effron was about smoking crack. Kids are dumb. You’ve seen it in the trailer. Some idiot is going to smoke crack and its all because Budweiser sponsored this movie. Good one Inbev.

I love Jason Mandzoukas aka “Jefferey Characterweaties.” He is basically just doing the same lovable Raffi character he does in the FX fantasy football comedy The League, but that’s okay because I love seeing him on screen. He’s wacky and makes me smile.

I also enjoyed Adam Pally. I recognized his voice from podcasts but I haven’t seen too much of him yet.

I got sad for a minute thinking how much I loved De Niro as Travis Bickle in one of my favorite movies of all time, Taxi Diver.

I was never one to think that Aubrey Plaza was sexy, but, damn.

This wasn’t s good movie. I didn’t find it funny. Bless their heart, they tried though. They tried to push the edge. They wanted this movie to be good. I just wasn’t in on it. This movie is not worth the time.

TLDR: 1.5/5. A couple almost chuckled and some fun times with zoukes was not enough to make this comedy worth the time. Skip it.

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