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Take a joke Amy Schumer

 So she can call Kardashian’s whores and others including herself, but when someone else makes a joke about her she “shuts him down”. She didn’t shut him down. She simply responded and he had no balls to leave it up.

 Amy Schumer you call yourself a whore, you have had a photo shoot simulating blowing a lightsaber, and a three way with Star Wars characters. Your show is called Inside Amy Schumer and you told Conan (I know it was jokingly) on his show its a metaphor for your pussy. Looks like you can take a dick and not a joke. Yuck yuck yuck  

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I am me and you are you!!! V-Prez, Veteran, bartender, joke writer, podcaster, formally known as Pledgemaster, Anna Kendricks future exhusband. And all around swell guy

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