Movie Review: 13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Michael Bay though…- Steven Richard K

I’ve seen the preview to this movie a couple times and I’ve been tricked every single time. I thought it looked fun and exciting and then it says directed by Michael Bay and I am horrified. For those of you who have yet to realize it Michael Bay is a horrible director. His movies are garbage.

Traditionally movie studios have their shittiest movies come out in late January and February. that’s the time when people catch up on all the Oscar movies that they might’ve missed and also people are less likely to want to leave the house because it’s cold outside in the winter. So in I go with my expectations on the ground.

Ok. I liked this movie. I have to admit it. I enjoyed it. I think… I think this movie was good.

One cheesy scene when he’s talking on the phone with his kids and they’re at a McDonald restaurant and the kids are screaming for happy meals and then (spoiler) (that doesn’t matter) his wife is pregnant. (Product placement)

LOL that basically right after that scene was another scene that made me laugh a little as a character was reading Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth” as “Sexy (and I Know It)” plays on the stereo.

The action in this movie is good. It’s tense and builds nicely. When applied in the right places Bay is good at what he does.

Also, this happened. It’s delicate subject matter that I thought was handled well. It didn’t really get political. (Maybe it could be argued that it is political due to the fact that they bring up how the state department said the attack was a result of protests of an “anti-Islamic movie” but if that’s what really went down, can the truth be political?)

(Newton’s own) John Krasinski stars and does a good job. Everyone is good. I didn’t necessarily fall in love with any of the character but I thought everyone was above average.

That did that thing at the end where they showed the pictures (some of them because since they were CIA operatives some faces were blurred out) of the real life people this movie was based on. Love it. That bumped it up a half a star.

TLDR: 4/5. I liked this movie. Good action movie that didn’t feel super dumb. Netflix disc it.

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