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Movie Review: The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino’s eighth movie is not a cartoon about talking toasters that are brave. (Why would you even think that?) -Steven Richard K

There is a special edition 70mm print in theaters but I opted for comfort over film quality. (I picked the theater with the reclining leather seats.) I’m told the special print has additional scenes that wouldn’t look as good on traditional movie screens and an intermission, which I sort of scoffed at when I first heard about it. Since life has a sense of humor I had to urinate unbelievably bad for the first time in my life in the middle of this 3 hour movie.

I loved this movie. A good well made western is to be appreciated. There are a lot of shitty westerns, but when they are done well they are among the best forms of cinema out there.

I love Quentin Tarantino movies. If his name is on it I know I will enjoy it and be entertained. I could argue that this one is up there in vying for the best one he’s made.

I was totally immersed in the film. I had no idea who was on what side and what was going to happen next and it was perfect.

Everything looked beautiful. The music was fantastic. The acting was great.

I love how QT always plays with time. They jump back in time a little later then back to the present.

TLDR: 5/5. I loved this movie and if you love QT or westerns you will love this one too. Check it out in a theater.

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