Movie Review: Concussion

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Will Smith stars in this touching love story between two African immigrants. The priest needs help finding a woman a place to live and the man has a place to live. They live together and its nice. They slowly grow to like each other and they hang out socially. They hug sometimes. They slowly fall in love and then they get married and buy a house together.

Oh yeah also Will Smith’s character discovers that repeated head trauma such as the tens of thousands of collisions football players experience over the course of their careers leads to brain damage. He tries to bring it to the attention of the professional footballer sports club. They don’t wanna hear it cuz it’s bad for business. Scientists agree but business men don’t. Will they listen? Maybe not now but maybe eventually.

Sometimes people are afraid to talk about sports things without the expressed written consent of the nfl. This movie uses footage of games. There had to be some kind of agreement. I suppose I could google it but I could just move on.

Albert Brooks is great. Like, so great.

Enjoy football! Also maybe don’t smoke tobacco! It’s bad.

TLDR: 2.5/5. This movie kept me entertained but wasn’t that good. It was fun to watch the adventure that was Smith sciencing the brain but was sort of cheesy. Wait for it on instant if it interests you.

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