Movie Review: Point Break

Some pun about how this movie might have pushed me to the breaking point. -Steven Richard K

First of all I would like to apologize to anyone who may have seen this movie because it was on my top ten list of movies I anticipated being worth your time over winter break. My bad.

I came to the theater hoping to see The Hateful Eight. Unfortunately 8 was sold out. It’s still in limited release 70mm right now.

What I saw instead was Point Break. Point Break was not directed by Quentin Tarantino.

What else was different between 8 and Point?

Point Break does not have an intermission. I got to sit there the whole movie.

Point Break was in 3D though. That’s a whole extra dimension! Could have been done better but 3 is better than 2, right!?

Point break is a remake. I never saw the original but I’m gonna assume because its the second go round they fixed all the stuff in the first one that didn’t work. Let me know when someone remakes The Hateful Eight and I’ll go check it out because then I know it will be perfect.

It’s much shorter. Those suckers in 8 could still be in there watching for all I know.

I was convinced that the actress in this movie was Kristen Stewart. I was mistaken. It is actually an actress named Teresa Palmer. I also was convinced that Stewart was doing a terrible Australian accent the whole movie. Like the accent was horrible. She was onscreen a lot with nothing to say and I was spending time wondering what lines were cut because of her accent. Turns out Palmer is Australian. Oops.

This movie was kinda boring. There were some fun scenes when they were flying through the air (for some reason) but over all this was a waste of time.

TLDR: 1.5/5. As far as mindless action films go, there are better ones. Maybe put it on in the background when it goes on instant.

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