Movie Review: Carol

If you thought Brokeback Mountain was too fast paced, should have been set in the 50s, and didn’t have enough chicks, this movie is for you. -SRK

A shy quiet working class brunet girl is approached by a rich bold slightly snobby upper class blond woman. They slowly develop a relationship. Like, real slowly. Also, the blond is a lesbian, which is also revealed pretty slowly. So do they end up together? I don’t care.

This is part of a genre of movies that are getting more popular and there have been quite a few this year. The genre is one of feeling moral superiority over the incorrect closed minded views of societies of yesteryear. You most popularly know this genre as shaming on people for slavery or racism. Nowadays it is shaming people of the past for their political views (Trumbo), or sexual identity (The Danish Girl), or for whom one is sexually attracted to (Carol).

If this movie were set in modern day it would have been more boring and some of the “action” would have been removed. There have been quite a few mentions of “morality clauses” or “unnatural acts” reminding viewers to the fact that homosexuality used to be a crime. So good thing everyone is cool about it today. So get with the program homophobes. You’re wrong. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all well and good for media and movies to shame people who are not progressive and welcome to the idea that people are different, but please do it in a more entertaining way.

This was a good movie, I just didn’t like it. Blanchet and Mara acted the shit out of this one. It was well put together and shot. I did not like story, however. It moves so slows.

In the middle of the movie I would find myself thinking that if you replaced the relationship with a sys-gen (straight) relationship it would be just as boring. For some people the fact that this movie was about a relationship between 2 women in the 1950s might have added some entertainment value to the whole thing but for me I don’t care. I don’t care who you love. Good for you that you’re a man who loves men or a women who loves women. I don’t care. If you make me care through the power of story and directing then I will care, but I wont care unless you make me care, and this movie did not make me care. I didn’t feel the chemistry between the main characters.

TLDR: 2/5. This was a “good movie” that I didn’t like. I was bored and didn’t feel the chemistry. If you like period lesbian love stories this might be for you. Most people should skip it.

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