Movie Review: Joy

Does Joy bring joy to the world this Christmas season? (I just wrote that) -Steven Richard K

Nope. Not enough Joy.

I loved the parts with Bradley Cooper at QVC and I wanted more. It took a while to get there though. It started off with Katniss getting shit on my her whole family and life for the whole movie. This movie was best when Joy was being a bad ass but there was not enough of that.

There were weird cut scenes that showed a soap opera her mother loved for some reason. Why?

The movie was narrated by Joy’s grandmother. She was there and not there at random times and didn’t really interact with anyone else other than Joy so I thought she was going to turn out to have been a ghost the whole time. (spoiler) she dies like 2/3 of the way through. Now that I spoiled that you might not want to watch the movie. You’re welcome. Just kidding its not a big deal. They’re sad for a minute then move on.

Also I thought maybe her son was a ghost because he wasn’t there a lot and they didn’t show him at times but he was real apparently just not always there so that’s weird for no reason.

There’s a lot of stuff that was unnecessary and weird that was added in for no apparent reason. They didn’t involve the plot and they seemed to be added to try to make it quirky. Also, it sort of need more plot.

People in the audience were laughing at things that were not funny and that made me mad. Relax.

After we saw this (with my parents) my Dad commented: “You’re gonna review that for The Packie? I don’t know if that website will appreciate chick flicks.”

No father, you are correct. Most of the readers of The Packie will not like Joy. This is no American Hustle. This is no the one where they’re dancing for some reason. Skip it.

TLDR: 2/5. I did not like this movie. There was some fun stuff in it but not enough. If you wanna see it wait for it to show up instant.

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