Movie Review: The Big Short

Does The Big Short……………come up…….shhhhhhort? I almost couldn’t say it. -Steven Richard K

Adam McKay directs this movie about the financial collapse and some of the guys who discovered it before everyone else.

Now, McKay usually does comedies so this one about a serious topic was handled with a sense of humor. Adam McKay cohosts a podcast on Gimlet media called surprisingly awesome where he and cohost Adam Davidson discover something that may be boring is actually pretty cool. In episode 4 of the podcast McKay talks about Chumbawumba and he mentions how despite the fact that he his a giant director of comedies he likes to sort of chip away at the armor that is societal norms.

I thought this was pretty well done. There are a couple story lines following people that don’t interact all around the idea that the housing bubble was going to burst and about how they could take advantage of that and make some money off of it.

They break the 4th wall quite a bit, even cutting to scenes to help explain some of the complicated financial ideas explained by celebrities. “Here is Anthony Bourdain to explain…”

I felt like I learned something walking out of this movie but I was also entertained. You find yourself rooting for the collapse of the world economy.

I’m glad after all is said and done everything is fine and our economy is stable and there aren’t more unemployed people than the government reports and this sort of thing could never happen again.

TLDR: 4.5/5. Entertaining and funny movie that makes you hate bankers. You could wait for this one to come out on DVD.

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