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Top 10 Movies to Check out This Winter Break

This is the part where I write something to further convince you to read this article normally but its Christmas so I wont. -Steven Richard K

There are some good movies in theaters this time of year. Maybe you got a gift card for Xmas from Uncle Marty and you’re looking for something to watch. I will rank them for (because people like lists) as my Christmas gift to you.

(You’re welcome.)

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  1. Point Break. I never saw the original but I’ve heard a lot of people really enjoy it. This looks like a dumb action-packed movie that hopefully will keep us entertained. I have yet to see this one and it’s out Christmas.
  1. Concussion. Tell the truth! The fresh Prince tackles brain injuries. (See what I did there?) This one looks interesting but the reviews are coming back mixed. I have yet to see this one and it’s out on Christmas.
  1. Joy. David Oh Russell is back again with Katniss Everdeen in this period piece where the trailer probably gives the whole movie away. The reviews are mixed so this one may just be okay. This comes out on Jesus’ birthday.
  1. Spotlight. Good movie about an uncomfortable subject. This one will get some award nominations. This one has been out for a couple weeks.
  1. Big Short. Some good actors in good comedic actors tackle the financial class. Adam McKay did a good job making what could be boring interesting. Got my boy Golsing. This one is out now. Full review out tomorrow.

  1. The Revenant. This one’s got my other boy (Tom Hardy) and looks gritty and fantastic. This is also getting great reviews and is also released limited on Christmas and is out in January. I have yet to see this one but am looking forward to it.
  1. Brooklyn. This girl is adorable and I wanted to jump into the screen and hug her. It’s a cute love story that will warm your heart this cold December (looks outside and it’s almost 70 degrees). This has been out for a couple weeks.
  1. The Hateful Eight. Tarantino’s latest film. I’ve heard a lot of good things and it’s gotten some good reviews. Really looking forward to this one. I have yet to see this one I anticipate this being listed higher after I see it but having not seen it I cannot list it higher. This is a limited release on Christmas and is out in January.
  1. The Night Before. Good funny raunchy comedy that has to do with the holidays. If you were looking for a good laugh and to lift your spirits I would recommend this one. This has been out for a couple weeks.

  1. Star Wars the Force Awakens. This of course is the hot movie of the holiday season. It really is a good movie. If you can actually get a seat since it’s the high demand of pre-sales you will enjoy this one. Action-packed and satisfying. It’s out now. It’s also available on rolls of toilet paper probably.

Sure maybe this whole Christmas post was just to get to go to the movies and maybe buy a Movie Pass along the way. Isn’t that in the spirit of Christmas though?

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