Movie Review: Star Wars the Force Awakens

Use the force to get to the theater now. That’s not how the force works.

So in space there’s cars that fly. They’re like space shuttles that can get you from different planets.

There’s good guys and there’s bad guys. Sometimes they fight. They have laser guns but some of them have laser swords that are better than laser guns. I bet if the guys who were real good with laser swords used laser guns they would be even better because laser guns can get people from far away than the laser swords can.

The people in the movie disagree about stuff and they can’t talk about or they don’t wanna so they fight. People on planets have different opinions so they want the other guys to be not aloe anymore.

The guy who played Even Stevens’ dad is in this movie! (Not in the show even Stevens the movie where that awesome monkey was silly)(you know the guy who locked himself in a fridge?)

I like to watch movies but sometimes it’s hard to remember. I saw some Star Wars movies a while ago but I don’t remember a lot that happened.

Almost every commercial before the movie had Star Wars in it somehow so we should buy all the things.

Is Star Wars too commercialized? Is Star Wars the McDonald’s of big budget science fiction movies?

No but seriously folks. I loved this movie. I was on the edge of my seat. I got the nostalgia chills. It was fantastic.

As my cousin says on Facebook “finally the Star Wars movie we deserve.”

I saw it in 2d, which was fine. If I’m missing out because of another dimension lemme know and maybe I’ll check it out again.

I smell sequel!

TLDR: 5/5. Satisfying and action packed. Edge of your seat with sentimental feels. Great

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