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Odell Beckham Suspended One Game, NFL Still Pursuing Tom Brady’s Four Game Suspension

For general awareness of deflating footballs! -GrimeBone

The big talk coming from the NFL this weekend was Odell Beckham blowing a gasket, punching and head-spearing Josh Norman, but this morning the NFL filed it’s final appeal of Tom Brady’s Deflategate ruling with the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. 

Odell Beckham was suspended for one game by the NFL for deliberately trying to injure another player during the middle of a game. ONE GAME! Let that sink in. Not only did Beckham take a swing at Josh Norman, but he then launched himself, helmet to helmet, at the Carolina cornerback as if he were a big horned sheep battling for his right to mate. It was pretty outrageous that he wasn’t ejected from the game immediately for his actions. It is especially egregious with the focus of reducing head injuries and their residual aftermath being front and center these days.

Now, let’s compare this to the suspension handed down by the NFL to Tom Brady for the general awareness of (maybe) deflating footballs. Four games. Four fucking games. To top it off, after it was successfully appealed by Brady, the NFL is still pursuing a path to uphold it’s decision! Now, I fully understand the ramifications this has on the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell’s power to uphold the CBA and that following through with an (unsuccessful) appeal is just a gesture to save face, but if the appeal is over turned and the suspension upheld, you better believe Goodell would make Brady serve that four game suspension. I wish the NFL could just let it go and save themselves the time, aggravation and heaps of money. But they won’t. They have to keep on beating the dead horse to prove all of this bullshit wasn’t (it totally was) for naught.

Let’s compare the two: Assaulting another player mid-game or the general awareness of (there was never properly implemented protocol in place to prove there was) deflated footballs. What one do you think deserves a longer suspension? Integrity of the game, my ass.




2 Comments on Odell Beckham Suspended One Game, NFL Still Pursuing Tom Brady’s Four Game Suspension

  1. Let’s compare that, Momentarily loosing your cool in a heated game, or knowingly and premeditatedly attempting to cheat.

  2. Let’s compare that, momentarily misspelling “loosing” though you had the internet to prove you might have had the intelligence at your fingertips to spell it right. Premeditated dumb on your part. Idiot.

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