‘Stoner Sloth’ Is The Best Worst Way To Prevent Kids From Smoking Weed

Maybe the people who made this video should have smoked a joint before they published it. I mean was this actually a video trying to prevent the use of marijuana? Or was it actually an Inception style ad for weed legalization?

Good job, Australia. Now every person who hasn’t tried smoking weed is now going to try smoking weed. Seriously, watch that video and tell me that it doesn’t make you wanna smoke weed, especially if you are in high school. As if being a teenager wasn’t hard and boring enough, you have the option of becoming a fucking three-toed sloth with just a couple puffs of a doober? That is like asking someone if they want a salad or slice of pizza. It is such an obvious choice. I can imagine myself as a young man watching this video and being inspired to smoke a j-bone and just making noises like a sloth and giggling my balls off. I might just do that now.

Being a regular person< being a stoned sloth

24/7/365 days a year.

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