Don’t be judged

-I don’t always wear my seat belt
-I eat too much
-Some days I don’t eat
-I’m really into working out
-When was the last time I worked out
-I only listen to pandora
-I like the radio now
-I’m a hard liquor kind of guy
-I’ll have 9 beers please
So let me explain

If you were to see me with my seatbelt on you’d assume he wears his seatbelt. You just happened to see me with it on, and it was for the first time this year. Now I’m an activist for seat belt usage because one person made fun of my safety strap. My point is that it’s not always what it seems. People will take a strong side to something simply to defend the moment. I’m guilty of it I know you’re guilty of it and we’re all guilty of it. I say all this to release negativity about changing your mind. It’s OK to have a different point of view of something after you’ve already defended it. Be free and live don’t be judged

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