Movie Review: Ridiculous 6

Is Sandler’s wild west comedy offensive enough?

Well. It’s the end of the year again and you know what that means. Awards season! To be eligible for the Academy Awards in a given year, a given movie must have been released in theaters by the end of the calendar year. Studios tend to save their best contenders to be released in the end of December so that films will be fresh in voter’s minds when considering who to vote for.

Adam Sandler’s most recent offering, Ridiculous 6, was released on Netflix December 11th. Unfortunately I do not believe it was released in theaters (like they did with The Idris Elba vehicle Beasts of No Nation (which was very good!)) so I don’t think it will be eligible for any awards. πŸ™

Netflix made a deal with Sandler to have 4 Happy Madison produced movies exclusively with them. We got 3 more coming folks!

This is the western comedy that might be able to dethrone Blazing Saddles! I just hope this doesn’t dampen my appetite for the Hateful 8! 

You may remember hearing about this movie back in April because a dozen (or maybe a hundred) actors of Native American descent left the film because they thought the film was a little too satirical and they were painting the Navaho in a negative light. (30 seconds in… 2 shots of signs “no injuns allowed” and “redskins keep out”) I would argue that this movie isn’t racist/offensive enough. This could have been way more racist! Maybe Sandler is losing his touch?

Netflix thinks in going to give this more than 4 stars. Golly! (Let’s pretend we don’t know the history of Sandler’s movies. Look at the scores: 

Oh he’s got magic powers, good. He can move faster than an average person. We can expect that anything can happen in this movie.
If you like donkey diarrhea this is the movie for you! If you were curious about how baseball was really invented or how Lincoln was assassinated this movie is for you. He can play the piano with his winky! I get it!

I wanted this movie to be worse. Don’t get me wrong, it was bad, I didn’t enjoy it, it was not good, but it wasn’t bad enough.

TLDR: 1/5. This movie is on Netflix instant right now. Maybe watch something else instead. Please?

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