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Who Needs Gun Control When You Have XStat, The Bullet Hole Fixer

I know a couple of guys who can also plug a hole in less than 20 seconds, but that is neither here nor there – GrimeBone

Tech InsiderThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved a pocket-sized invention that has been used for about a year and a half on the battlefield, but now may one day save your life at home. 

The invention, called XStat, is a syringe-like device that can plug a life-threatening wound — think a deep wound, such as a gunshot or stabbing lesion — by injecting it with a collection of tiny, super-absorbent sponges. It’s especially handy for wounds that can’t be wrapped in a tourniquet, such as a gash to the groin or armpit

See guys? Who needs gun control? The answer was in front of us the entire time. Instead of trying to get the country to agree on what is and what isn’t within your rights, you just circumvent nature and invent a pocket sized device that will plug your bullet holes and prevent you from bleeding out. Just carry around a handful of these little guys at all times and the next time that there is a mass shooting, get low and dress your wounds with XStat. Get yourself a Kevlar helmet and you are all set to live in Modern America. These things have already saved the lives of countless (we could probably count them but I won’t) military members in war torn areas, so it is nice to see that it is available to the general public for use at home or on the go. Now you won’t have to have your gun pried from your cold dead hands, you can just pop in some Xstats and keep on firing away.  Once again, thank you, Science!


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