Movie Review: The Danish Girl

Something about how when I saw the trailer I thought for sure there would be a number of confused “straight” dudes jerkin it to Eddie Redmayne. -Steven Richard K

The Danish Girl is about an artist, Einear Wegener, who realizes the truth about himself and transitions to Lily Elbe. It shows how Lily, his wife Gerda, and society all reacts to this. Redmayne does a fantastic job in this with the struggle the character undergoes and the art of being feminine. Yes, ladies and some gentlemen, I appreciate that it is an art form. Carry on. Alicia Vikander also did a great job as Einar’s wife, and she reminded me a lot of Brittany Murphy (RIP).

The timing is right for this film (because of the awareness Caitlin Jenner has brought to this subject). If Caitlin Jenner is the person who brought LBGT awareness to the masses, Lily could bring awareness to the upper classes. This movie could be used to persuade some stubborn people who may be set in their ways yet who are open minded enough to be swayed into realizing that gender identity is a fluid and valid issue of these days.

I wanted more from this film, though. I liked the trailer for this movie better than I liked the movie. The trailer made me excited for this movie, but with my expectations so high I was slightly disappointed. I don’t know why, I can’t really explain it, I just wanted more. I found myself pointing out mentally to myself every time a line was used in the trailer.

There were just a few things with the story telling that seemed a little off to me. Oh yeah, btw his nose bleeds and he has brain problems sometimes too. (Does this give closed minded people an opportunity to say “he was sick” and give them a way for their minds to explain away how they was?)

Another thing this film has made me appreciate is that our understanding of the human body and medicine has improved drastically over the last 90 years. Thanks Obamacare!

Okay. We use words to classify things in our brains and make life simpler. Categories are meant to make things easier, but they don’t always do that.

Let’s talk about sandwiches.

What is a sandwich? Bread with some meat maybe cheese or veggies in the middle? Sure. If you order a sandwich platter (maybe you’ll see one at your work holiday party) you’re likely to find some wraps in there. So not all sandwiches have bread. But if you put a thing in the sandwich platter with meat and the same wrap that our friends from the south call a burrito you would get some strange looks. Burritos and tacos are not sandwiches. What about a hot dog? Its bread with meat in the middle, right? Not a sandwich.

If you’re a burrito but you want to be called a sandwich, that doesn’t bother me. If you’re a cheese burger and don’t want to be called a sandwich, fine, whatever. If you’re Ethiopian food with that sponge bread and meat on the table and you want to be called a sandwich too, fine, the more the merrier. Moral of the story? I love food. I don’t care what you’re called. I’m going to eat you.

Wait, I think I wanted this to be an analogy but what does this mean about how I view people? Oh yeah. I don’t care. Be whatever you want. Just bring me a sandwich (or at least a taco)(please)(you were going to the kitchen anyway, right?)(they’re premade on the bottom drawer)(have one yourself)(yeah you can have a beer, if you’re having one that means I can have one)(yeah chips too)(if its a taco or burrito get the corn chips but if its a traditional sandwich the potato chips)(I know I just said I don’t care what their called I just don’t know what else to call them other than traditional, I just mean a sandwich)(no this is a bagel with cream cheese this is not a sandwich)(of course I meant thank you).

Also, this movie makes you think about the idea of femininity and the type of mannerisms people make. You feel how Lily feels when she is being looked at by all those guys.

I’ll use this opportunity to apologize to all you beautiful women out there. (I can only apologize on behalf of myself, I have not been crowned by dudes as a person who can speak for all of us.) I have this thing where I have testosterone and other chemicals running though my brain that makes me be a certain way. (Sort of like how Lily had these chemicals in her brain that made her a certain way.) When I see a female (or a male with feminine qualities that my brain finds attractive) my gaze tends to stay on that female for a bit longer. Please take it as the highest compliment that can be given. It means my monkey brain thinks you’d be nice to breed with.

The Danish Girl is in theaters now.

TLDR: 3/5 I liked this movie, but I think I wanted more from it. The trailer made it seem more dramatic than it was. Eddie Redmayne was great. If this comes up on instant watch you will feel satisfied.

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