Gruesome Way To Go; North Carolina Teen Faces Untimely Death

They don’t call work the daily grind for nothing. -GrimeBone

A 19 year old Gastonia, North Carolina man faced a rather gruesome, untimely death on the first day of his brand new job. Mason Scott Cox had been recently hired by Crawford Tree Service to clear limbs, logs, and lumber when he was left unsupervised in a Kings Mountain, North Carolina yard. When the owner of the tree removal company had returned to check in on him, he found Cox had been pulled into a wood chipper and killed. It has been surmised that he was reeled into the chipper when some pieces of wood had become jammed and he tried dislodge the pieces by kicking them. Upon finding his employee mangled in the heavy machinery, Crawford Tree Service owner, John Crawford, promptly suffered a heart attack and needed to be rushed to the hospital.

Being 19 can be pretty tough. A lot of people expect you to get the ball rolling on your life when all you really want to do is make enough money to buy some beers, a bag of weed and take the cute girl who works at the ice cream shop on a nice date so you can try to bang her. Your options are often limited to what kind of a job you can get, because let’s be honest, 19-22 year old boys are often useless in the workplace. At that point, they have little education and work experience. They are probably showing up late and hung over 3/5 days a week and are far more concerned with getting laid rather than actually doing their job right. So, if you are a young man in that position and find yourself hating life at some shitty desk job and not using wood chippers on a daily basis, let’s not complain about work this week. For Mason Cox.  If you do, pay attention and keep your limbs away from the apparatus in operation. Your life may depend on it.

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