Price Gouging Hip Hop Artists, Wu Tang Clan, Sell Exclusive Album To Price Gouging Pharma-Bro, Martin Shkreli

Do you know how many pills of Daraprim 2 million dollars would buy? -GrimeBone

Well, isn’t that rich? Wu Tang Clan, a once respectable rap group who sold reasonably priced records, has sold their not-for-commercial sale album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,” for 2 million dollars, according to Bloomberg. You know what is the best part about the sale? That mega-douche Martin Shkreli is the once that purchased it! If you are unfamiliar with who Martin Shkreli is, he is the owner Turing Pharmaceuticals, the company that just purchased the Malaria and AIDS medicine, Daraprim, and then raised the prices from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill. 

Let’s be honest here for a minute. Whatever person ended up purchasing this super limited edition album was going to be one of the biggest douchebags on the planet. No non-douchebag would overpay that much for an album by a bunch of past their prime, over the hill hip-hop artists. The fact that it went to the most universally loathed, out of touch white dude ever is perfect matrimony.  It is so fitting that the ones who thought they could gouge those who love their music so much would be handing over their prized record to the most hated, biggest price gouger of them all. This is the type of person this album auction was going to inevitably attract; the naive uber-rich. Most don’t get to that point of wealth by acting like Mother Theresa. This is the bed that Wu Tang made.

Wu Tang Clan is starting to back pedal and save face in learning that Shkreli was the highest bidder for the album. RZA confirmed that after finding out about Shkreli’s shrewd business practices, Wu Tang Clan would donate a “significant” portion of the proceeds to charity. Sure that is a nice gesture, but it doesn’t cover up the stench of their own greed. You know how many pills of Daraprim $2,000,000 would buy? 2,667 at Turing’s $750 a pill. I doubt the portion given to charity will be of that type of significance.

Wu Tang’s novel idea was really a get rich quick scheme, much like Shkreli’s Turing Pharmaceuticals purchase of Daraprim. You take something coveted by the public, hoard it and then sell it for a large sum of money. Wu Tang Clan is really not that much different from Martin Shkreli after all. At least not in terms of how they plan on making money.

-GrimeBone  [twitter-follow screen_name=‘GrimeBone’]

P.S. – What are the odds that Shkreli has yet to listen to the album because he doesn’t know to use a record player?

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