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How To Maintain Your Proprietary Blend As A Man

image1 (1) Hello gentlemen we all have our secret components that make us above and beyond. These are the things that differentiate you from every other guy. Your secret formula, things that go into making you that guy. Now when I say maintain your proprietary blend I mean keep the things that make you great not so revealing. 1. I'm as horny as the next guy believe me. Being sexual and wanting sex is part of your blend. The girl you're with will know that's what you're about you know that's what you're about but it can't be all you're ever about all the time. You need to find a right balance of good timing. Act as if you don't need it, you do want it but if it's not being given you don't need it2.  You may not always be in the greatest mood.

There might be a time you’re having a bad day, you might’ve got an attitude from the wrong person. Now if part of your blend is being comical and always being laid-back then you must maintain this. You need to try to make sure that when things are being negative you stay positive this will help maintain your blend. When a girl sees that you can handle a situation without getting flustered or angry you’re on point. You must always keep your comical relief don’t let it fade away that’s what makes you…you. 3. No one needs to know how much money you have, no one needs to know what you spend on what, and no one needs to know what your plans are. I am a strong believer that financial status or position as far as income is no one’s business. You may want to have a flashy car or a really nice house and then it’s fine just don’t brag about it keep it to yourself why you have those things.

Well fellas those are just a few things that I can help you out with to help maintain your blend. When it comes to perfect timing with your sexual tendencies, you maintain a good mood, and you’re confident and in control of your finances then you will be on a great path. While there are millions of things that make me who I am I like to focus on the big picture. Sometimes the big picture isn’t for everybody. Now when I tell you to maintain your proprietary blend I am telling you don’t reveal everything about yourself that makes yourself so great.

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