When You Remember, Drinking Is Super Fun

If you’re anything like me you probably at the least try to take care of yourself maybe with your diet as well as with your alcohol consumption. So you go on a spree and healthy food is the only thing that tastes good and drinking happens maybe once every two weeks. You can think back and say I don’t remember the last time I got drunk. This is when reaching goals is in full stride impulse spending seems to be at a low. You feel on top of the world and you haven’t had heart burn in days. The fellas want to take shots and you’re so on board because you been doing so good. You’re slugging back shots driving beer down your throat having a grand time. This is were you start to order food. Nice you’re thinking hey I been eating good I’ll get whatever I want. Thirty dollars later your appetizer platter then entree is steaming in your face. Now that you’re nice and full you can enjoy some more alcohol. You’re at the point when you think this is the greatest feeling in the world. At this very point you remember drinking is super fun. The problem is that the next session of this super fun needs to not be entertained so quickly. I have most certainly been to the point were I’m thinking oh shit I’ve been eating awful drinking and taking heart burn medication every day. The problem is 2 weeks of doing shitty on everything and pounding alcohol is like 2 months of recouping. So when they say drink responsibly I would include remember a good time should be a reward or you could end up on a bender real quick.

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