Movie Review: Krampus

Is Krampus nothing but a pile of coal or is it the pony you’ve asked for since you were 8? -Steven Richard K

I generally say that I don’t like horror movies or scary movies but I think I just don’t like shitty movies and, lets be honest, most horror movies are just shitty movies. They ask too much of you. They want you to bend your disbelief enough to allow the shenanigans in whatever universe they’ve set up is able to happen.

This movie doesn’t really ask too much of you. (Okay, maybe there are a couple times when you can go “really?” but it’s not thaaat bad). I did of course appreciate when they acknowledge how ridiculous what is going on is, which is something that doesn’t happen in a lot of scary movies (but seems to be happening more often. Thanks Hollywood.) When Adam Scott justifiably says “you gotta be kidding me” you agree that they must be kidding because that is what a normal person would say when creepy Christmas monsters attack you in your home.

Side note: The adult star of this movie (after the kid lead) is Adam Scott. My favorite thing of his is his podcast U Talking U2 to Me. Him and Scott Aukerman (of Comedy Bang Bang) discuss their love of U2 (sometimes) along with other random topics (most of the time). If you like silly podcasts this one is the one for you. Enjoyment of the band U2 is not necessary.

It was also very much appreciated that the uncle, played by David Koechner, was packing heat. This is America. They don’t stop talking about how many guns there are in our country. Its nice to know that if if a monster attacks we’ll have some firepower to shoot gingerbread men who are shooting nail guns at us. Satisfying.

This movie is obviously going to be compared to Gremlins, being a Christmas monster movie. I recall enjoying that movie but I don’t really remember the particulars about it. This is a monster movie set in during Christmas, so yeah, Gremlins.

TLDR: 3.5/5 I really liked this movie. It was entertaining and I had some good laughs. If you get this on disc from Netflix when it comes out you wont be disappointed.

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