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Of Course Farrah Abraham Claims She Was Also Raped By James Deen

Right on time. -GrimeBone

Daily Mail – Reality TV star Farrah Abraham has alleged that she was raped, drugged and abused by porn star James Deen, leaving her so traumatized that she has undergone intensive therapy.

Farrah Abrahams is not one to miss a chance to step back into the spotlight. That is why she had made a porn with James Deen (NSFW) to begin with! The very first thing I thought when the James Deen rape allegations started rolling in was, “How long is it going to take Farrah Abraham to throw her hat in the ring?” Now, here she is, right on time. It is really tough to trust the moral compass of Farrah Abraham and she predictably pointed magnetic north on this one. I am not sure if she has any other job except for doing interviews about being a teen mom and her fake boobs rupturing but this should keep the trashy tabloid money rolling in.

This is the trouble with this James Deen raping chicks situation. All of these girls do have something to gain in the short term, regardless of whether or not they were raped. Anyone with any sort of history with James Deen has a claim that they may have been raped by him. Have you seen the types of porn this guy has filmed? It can be pretty rough stuff. I could totally believe a guy who is willing to make a living by filming brutal, degrading porn and simulating rape scenes is totally capable of raping someone. But then again, I could believe these women who willingly film these scenes with, and then subsequently date him, are completely capable of fabricating and propagating these allegations for personal gain. What personal gains you say? Pages views for their pornos and bigger pay days for their name being more prevalent.

James Deen has turned into the Bill Cosby of the porn world. This is a real ugly situation for everyone involved. I hope the porn industry can survive it 😉



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