Hiding From The Cops, Florida Man Eaten Alive By Alligator

Classic Florida. -GrimeBone

A man suspected of burglarizing homes in a Florida community has been eaten alive by an 11 foot alligator. Matthew Riggins, 22, was found dead on November 23rd in Barefoot Bay Lake. Ten day earlier, locals had reported two men dressed in black acting suspiciously, walking through private backyards of homes and reported it to the local police. When the authorities arrived on the scene to question the men, they both fled. It is believed that Riggins sought refuge in the lake to hide from the cops. While searching the area that night, officers did hear screaming and yelling but where unable to determine where it was coming from. Riggins was also reported missing later that day and his girlfriend stated that he was in the area to burglarize homes.

The suspect’s body was found by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team in the lake 10 days later. While recovering the body, the dive team encountered a very aggressive 11 foot alligator. They euthanized the prehistoric beast and upon cutting the animal’s belly open, they discovered remains of Matthew Riggins body that were consistent with the injuries he had sustained. The official cause of death was drowning.

Prior to the two men being reported to police, the area had homes that had been broken into. How many of those residents are a little sad to see that the alligator who exacted swift, karmic justice was killed? Better yet, how many are now considering getting  a moat and filling it with alligators to protect their homes from thieves? Security dogs just don’t quite do it anymore.

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