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From the 15 minutes I had talked to her before she was rubbing my leg and back, i concluded she was nice girl. This was six years ago, I was sitting at a seedy bar in Southwest Florida having a beer on a Sunday morning. I was basically minding my own business and this chick sits down next to me complaining to the bartender that she was stood up last night from a guy she met online. I looked at her and said that seems like a huge lost on his part, my name is Bob. Hey name was Jae and she loved the Vikings and public displaces of affection. She said she had moved down to Florida when she was seven from MN but has been down here for 30 years. A true home body I said and man she had a nice body.

A few shots later and some more ball busting on her crappy team, she started to make moves on me. Touching of the leg, the ass and the back. So I figured it is only fair to do the same right? It was about half time and she said how far from here do you live? I was staying at a hotel on the other side of town and was drinking all morning so I suggested why don’t we go to your place or shit how about your car? She smiled, told the bartender she would be right back, reached in her bag to grab a bag and grabbed my arm and pulled me over to her 95 silver four-door Ford Taurus. She open the back door, through me in and before my ass hit the seat, my shorts where down around my ankles and she was pretending she was snorkeling.

She had said I looked like her best friend who died a few years ago and I didn’t know how to take that at all. After about 15 minutes, I had some how managed not to finish and she moved up on my lap. Not wearing anything under her skirt, she grabbed the bag she had with her, slipped it on and put on a show that to this day, I can’t tell if it was fake or not. The way she was moving around, she could of easily knocked the car out of park. She was a nice girl though, removing the bag for me, throwing it out the window into the parking lot and cleaning me up.

What happened next? Well we went back the bar and finished watching the game of course. I see her now and then when I am in Florida. These days Jae is pushing 50 with a kid so she isn’t as much fun as she once was. To bad 🙁 At least I still had more fun then this guy “Man eating by Alligator hiding from cops


#WOFH – Wolf of Faneuil Hall

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