Someone is Beating Up Hollywood Celebrities

When I first saw this photo of a busted up Kim K, I thought Kanye West had finally checked off the final act he needs to commit in order to win a “Chris Brown award” and solidify himself as one of the Celeb deucebag elite. However, it turned out to be a stunt in order to raise awareness against domestic violence against women.


God, if only!!!

An artist by the name of Alexsandro Palombo put together a series of celebrity images that have been photo shopped to look like they are victims of domestic violence. Celebs that most of us hate like Kristen Stewart, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus along with a couple others got the battered women face touch up. The point is to illustrate that it can happen to anyone. Well, ya of course it can! However, this is stupid to me because it didn’t happen to these people & doesn’t change the fact that they are still photo shopped images. I don’t see much of a shock factor in that. I think of this as an artist who is looking for more attention by using celebrity images. Plus, do we really want to use known celebrities considering many victims end up going back to there abuser? That would send an even worse message (I’m looking in your direction Rihanna)


By: Adam Mallett

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