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Movie Review: The Martian

This is the second time I’ve seen the movie. The first time I saw this was back in October. Before I wrote for the Packie. Before I owned a movie pass.
Some movies that are released barely make it the week they are released before they are pulled from theaters. This movie was released October 2nd. Two months this thing has been in theaters and people are still going to see it. This is still in the top 10 box office. It made $3.4 million last weekend. Victor Frankenstein was in 2x as many theaters but The Martian made $800,000 more than VF. Worldwide this movie has made over half a billion dollars.I love this movie. I loved Gravity. I Loved Interstellar. I loved The Martian. Science fiction is fun for me when there is not too much fiction and enough science to make me fee like I’m not being lied to.

I predict this will continue to be in theaters for a few more weeks. If you’re bummed you didn’t get tickets to Star Wars but you feel the need to see space on screen this will work to hold you over.

Not as powerful on the second viewing but I still enjoyed it. It relies a lot on suspense and the surprise of what is going to happen next. (I’ve found some great movies suffer a bit from this on second viewing. One great film, Hurt Locker comes to mind.) Despite this it was still fun to go along for the journey.

TLDR 5/5. I loved this movie. It’s amazing in 3D on the big screen. I saw this 2 months ago and again just now. If you haven’t seen this one and have interest in doing so, see it in the theater.

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