Hair today gone tomorrow – The Packie Prez 6 months no haircut

As many of you have seen, I didn’t cut my hair for about 6 months. I typically get the  quarterly haircut because I am cheap and really have given up on my appearance as of late. Letting myself go as the people would say.

I was going to get a haircut in September but the New England Patriots started winning and as any die hard sports fan knows, you don’t cut your hair when your team is on a streak.

I had several close calls this season. With the patriots being 10-0 going into last Sunday’s game, I knew the time could come soon. With the game looking like it was in the bag for Denver, the most sexiest man alive drives the field to get into field goal range and a man who goes by that name of Steven, kicks another big field goal, second in 1 week, to make some of us forget about old number 4.

Well overtime seem not to be the patriots thang and well they loss. As a result a haircut is due. I decided on the Edelman look because chicks dig it and now I want chicks to dig me. So world here I am.

Apparently in 1987 I was sporting the same haircut. My life has come full circle.

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