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Saturday when you know you have Sunday off to watch football.


First off you got to consider do I go out and get shitfaced and barely watch any of the games. Then there’s the other option of staying in with a small group of people and actually paying attention to the games still getting shit faced.

Then you have to time everything according to when certain games are being played. Let’s face it most NFL games are really boring so you don’t want to be too drunk for the really good ones.
Now you have to consider what kind of alcohol am I going to be drinking. If I’m gonna go beer this could be a heavy long day. I’m going for liquor it could be a very short and sweet day.
With the patriots playing at 4 o’clock we couldn’t have a more perfect situation. I can start drinking nice and early and I can still get a good nights sleep. If the patriots win of course.
I’m pretty excited to know for sure that I will have the day off to watch football and get drunk.
Football season is wrapping its self up don’t miss your windows to get drunk and watch some ball fellas.

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