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RIP To The Former Frontman Of STP, Scott Weiland

I hope you were smelling like a rose that somebody gave you… – GrimeBone

It ain’t easy to rock and roll. Scott Weiland, most fondly remembered as the former front man of the 90’s alternative rock group, Stone Temple Pilots, was found dead on Thursday night in Bloomington, Minnesota. He was on tour performing with his band, the Wildabouts, when he was found unresponsive on his tour bus. He was 48 years old.

Though the cause of the death currently remains unclear,  Weiland was said to have passed in his sleep. He had a torrid, public battle with substance abuse that fuels much speculation as to why he may have left the world so young. Along with performing in Stone Temple Pilots and his solo project with the Wildabouts, Scott also played with early aughts supergroup, Velvet Revolver, a band that also consisted of former members of Guns n’ Roses.

It is indeed sad to see such a staple of 90’s alternative / grunge rock die so early. Stone Temple Pilots was one of many genre defining groups that ruled the billboards when grunge rock was king. He did in the end turn out to be a bit of a mess at times and there were more than a few a claims of people not quite getting along with Scott. Still, it is unfortunate to see him go. RIP. Thanks for all the great music.




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