New Study Says Your ‘Pseudo-Profound’ Memes Are ‘Bullshit’ And You Are Dumb

Let me guess, you also believe in ghosts? – GrimeBone

A new study coming from the University of Waterloo says that those who enjoy ‘Pseudo-Profound Bullshit,’ meaning those inspirational quotes and memes dumb people you know post on Facebook, are in fact dumb. They used this here New-Age Bullshit Generator  and Deepak Chopra quotes and asked a group of people to rate the examples given on a scale of profundity. Oddly enough, those who found that the vague, buzzword filled strings of crap were actually deep and insightful were actually not only linked to having lower intelligence, but also much higher leanings towards believing in ghosts, conspiracy theories and practicing alternative medicine.

Surprise, huh? That the people who think that Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, can actually talk to ghosts are the same kind of people who derive meaning from ambiguous, spiritual quotes that don’t actually mean anything?  Most reasonable people already knew this but now you have a study to back you up on it. So, the next time your Aunt Tabitha posts another pseudo-profound bullshit quote in between articles on false flag conspiracy theories and home remedies for migraines, rest easy knowing that there is a link between them and you’re not the only one who wants to prove people like that are stupid.

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