19 Year Old Lush Steals, Crashes Angry Orchard Hard Cider Truck In Maine

Get down with your bad self, Nicole. -GrimeBone

Portland Press Herald – A 19-year-old woman accused of stealing a hard-cider truck from Portland was hospitalized after she crashed the truck into a barn following a high-speed police chase Tuesday.

Now this girl knows how to party! Nicole Dyment woke up, got drunk and stole a delivery truck filled with booze from a 7-11 in downtown Portland, Maine.  She then proceeds to drive this truck, drunk as fuck, erratically through school zones, passing any car in her path until she crashes it into a barn in Limerick, Maine. That is almost an hour away! She crashed into the barn so hard that it is now structurally unsound and in danger of collapsing. There were cases of booze littered and broken everywhere. This was all before noon today.  Nicole sure knows how to YOLO.


That is the desperation of someone who under 21. Just imagine if she was willing to risk that much to get all that alcohol how awesome that party would have been. Putting her own life, as well as others, on the line just to have a rager. Could she have just gotten a fake ID? Sure. Could she have used her youthful good looks to charm some man to get it for her?  Yup. But you know what? That is not nearly the same as showing up to the party, honking the horn on your freshly stolen delivery truck of hard cider and saying, “Can you help me unload this guys?” THAT would have gotten you into the Party-Time Hall of Fame. That would have been legendary. Nicole Dyment, you Maine-iac!

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A friendly reminder folks: You drink, you drive, you spill.

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