Table for 3: Check It Out

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Hidden gems on the WWE Network aren’t always found by rewatching classic pay per views or TV episodes. Some of their original programs have begun to outshine their televised in ring segments, including consistently great shows like Breaking Ground and Rivalries. Table for 3 is another great example of this by rewarding monthly subscribers with a look at their Superstars in a more personal light and gives them reasons to boo and cheer them inside and out of the ring.

Bringing together trios of performers, including current stand outs The New Day and legends like Mean Gene Okerlund, each episode presents each group in a casual and engaging restaurant setting. The wrestlers discuss their personal favorite moments, like main eventing Wrestlemania or selling out Madison Square Garden, while politely teasing each other for things like losing their cool trying to order salads at Panera or chasing dreams of being free style rappers. Each 25 minute episode serves as a great example of how to give fans a look behind the scenes of the WWE as well as adding new personal and creative depth to the performers who bring professional wrestling to life.

Totally worth your time. Subscribers are well served to catch up on the over half dozen episodes and casual fans could justify a free one month trial for this show alone. It’s a great peak into the lives of what makes professional wrestlers both incredible athletes and charismatic entertainers.

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