Sheamus and The Magical WWE Reset Button


“You look stu-pid!” It’s a chant WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus has heard frequently since making his return from injury after this year’s Wrestlemania. His signature red hair is now coiffed in a mohawk and his goatee hangs dotted with Irish charms. Given the WWE’s penchant for making the obvious joke, it’s surprising that their writers haven’t blamed his return losing streak on unlucky charms. Yet despite fittingly dumb matches, including a “Kiss My Arse” match against perennial favorite Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus now sits atop the WWE mountain again thanks to his Survivor Series title win using his Money In The Bank Briefcase. 

The question now is what can the WWE do to keep his momentum going. Sheamus has been made to look foolish by running from fights and losing every major feud he’s started this year. As now the WWE’s world champion, it’s understandably hard for fans to see Sheamus as strong opposition against rivals like Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose without first scoring big, clean wins. While being backed by The Authority and having heavies like King Barret and Rusev will help prop Sheamus up, his most legitimizing prop lays across his shoulder sheathed in twenty pounds of gold. However, the man should also make the championship, not just the reverse.

The last thing a world championship should make someone look is stupid.

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