Sami Zayn: A Hopeful Return


There is no magic formula in wrestling to create a hero. Qualities like the patriotic and religious demandments of Hulk Hogan, the technical mastery of Bret Hart, the undeniable style of Ric Flair, and the tireless dominance of John Cena are all traits expected of white hat wearing good guys. Failing to possess one or more of these attributes dooms modern wrestlers who also choose not to take short cuts to victory. Most modern fans see a wrestler who never takes a short cut as naive rather than noble. Despite this perception, Sami Zayn has managed to stay true to his character while doing the right things.

He’s had ample opportunity to cheat and make his life easier. He’s been betrayed by best friends during title matches, had his kindness cost him career boosting victories, and been called things like soft and weak for giving opponents fighting chances during vulnerable moments in matches. Yet fans recognize the different between someone who puts in hard, honest work in pursuit of a dream because it makes those people stronger. And they enjoy getting behind a fighter electing to take a journey that seems them earn what they accomplish.

Soon Sami Zayn will be back to prove that doing the right thing and realizng your dream are two paths that converge at greatness.

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