Ghosts……. You know what I’m talking about


We all have those moments where we just don’t understand why or how. I like to call these moments of say recklessness or neglect as variations of you seeing a ghost.
Driving somewhere and realize holy shit I haven’t paid attention. When you can consciously try to think back to the last time you looked at the road or paid attention to the road then you’re in the presence of a ghost.

When you put all your laundry into the wash machine, then into the dryer take it all out and five things are missing. You May be confused with the sock monster but this is for sure a ghost. The sock monster is the time Mikey he came in my sock and left it on my bedroom floor.

When you thought you had one bite left of a sandwich but you looked down it is all gone. This is one of them ghost that you want to strangle. This ghost is to play games. He’s the same guy that puts you at the second window deep into a drive-through before you even realize you’re there.
When you have to certain pair of pants that makes you a little extra sensitive. you know what I’m talking about the pair of pants that gives you boners. Maybe that’s just me but certainly the ghost jerking lurking.

That’s enough of my ghost stories for now. Part two is on its way because trust me there are a lot of ghosts you know what I’m talking about.

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