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Movie Review: Legend

Tom Hardy presents: Legend. The Tom Hardy Story. Starring Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy.
I love Tom Hardy. -Steven Richard K.

Hardy was in some stuff I enjoyed before I knew who he was. Black Hawk Down. Band of Brothers. RocknRolla.

Then I started to notice him and like him. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Dark Knight Rises. Inception.

Then I fell in love with the dude. Inception. Bronson. Mad Max Fury Road. Peaky (fucking) Blinders. The trailer for the new Dicaprio movie The Revenant.

This movie has 2 Tom Hardy’s. He plays twins. There are two of him. Two hours of movie time but probably something like 3 and a half ours of Tom Hardy time.

There are much better mobster movies, I can’t really think of any of the top of my head right now.

If I told you that there was a gangster movie with a pair of twins in 60s England you would probably have an idea of what you’d think the movie would be, right? What you would probably guess is the rise of these gangsters and then maybe someone falls in love and then they fall. Right!? Yeah that’s pretty much it. They’ve done it before. So did they accomplish telling the story well? Meh.

I really wish I could think of the name of a better mobster movie. The Good Father?

Legend was okay. I enjoyed it but it was sort of slow and boring at times. I wasn’t really bored because I had Tom Hardy to entertain me but it wasn’t fantastic. There was occasional awkward use of narrator. In movies you can show me things, you don’t have to tell me. The use of music was sort of weird. It wanted to steer me to feel things but wasn’t super effective. It stood out a lot. Good use of music generally doesn’t stand out, it should feel natural. Also it just felt too long. It’s a bit over 2 hours and they could and should have done some cutting.

God Fellows?

Another thing of note: Some people talk in movies.

“Yeah, she taking pills.” was a comment that one “person” said out loud in a movie theater.

Bitch, the people on the screen can’t hear you. Also, other people in the audience with you CAN hear you. Did you know that? Are you doing it for you? What’s up? Why the fuck can’t you contain yourself? What’s wrong with you?

TLDR: 3/5. I liked this movie despite of itself. In better hands this would have been a better movie but I still enjoyed it. When this is on Netflix instant check it out. Fun to watch Tom Hardy be a mobster but it could have been better.

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