Black Friday? More Like Brown Friday For Local Plumbers.

That smell is the scent of money to many Americans. -GrimeBone


The day after Thanksgiving marks Black Friday for many Americans. It is the official start to the holiday season and many deals are to be had for cost concerned consumerist. For the local plumbing industry, the day after Thanksgiving is a bonanza of another sort. It is what many call “Brown Friday.”
Al Bonanno, a plumber from Hadley, MA, says there is a significant uptick in house calls after Turkey Day. “It is fairly obvious why there can be an urgent need for a plumber this time of year. Everyone is eating tons of food. You are throwing back a few too many Bud Heavies. It is a recipe for a log jam in your latrine.”
A recent study confirms that plumbing calls are way up in the last weekend of November. Households that host large gatherings are particularly vulnerable to a bathroom breakdown. With the mass consumption that happens, some people are really just pushing the limits of what their sewage systems can handle.
“The calls start coming in at around 8:30 am on Friday,” Bonanno says. “Everything from clogged toilets to pumping septic systems. We do it all that weekend. Sometimes, people are just so drunk that they are just putting things in the bowl that just don’t belong there. At least once a year, i get a call to clear someone’s pipes because someone gets so drunk that they wipe their ass with one of their socks and disposes of it right in the toilet. The worst is when you have the dual clog of a double ender. People clogging the toilet going number two while simultaneously throwing up in the sink or bath tub. Those can be particularly messy.”
Bonanno adds, “It’s great for business really. I do 20% of my yearly sales with emergency holiday calls. People eating, drinking and then pooping and throwing up. Most folks cant stand the thought doing what I do but to me, that is the scent of money in my pocket and that is what I am truly grateful for.”

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