WWE Proving Ground: Check It Out

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The WWE walks a fine line with reality. Every week, they use Monday Night Raw and Smackdown! to feature REAL Superstars with REAL issues having REAL fights. But who are these Superstars?

Breaking Ground gives an HBO-style behind the curtain look at what makes wrestlers successful. The first three episodes have focused on the people behind the characters of NXT, including stand outs like Baron Corbin, Dana Brooke, Tyler Breeze, and Apollo Crews. Each show takes pains to show how hard each athlete trains, the thought they put into the look and mannerisms of their characters, and the pressure they perform under to put it all together.

It humanizes each performer in a way that traditionally happens at the apex of wrestling feuds. When “Stone Cold” Steve Austin told The Rock he needed to beat him before Wrestlemania 17, he spoke from his heart. He was returning from a real life, career threatening injury. His passion oozed through the camera and into your living room (apologies for quality):

Through Breaking Ground, these NXT athletes can connect on a personal level without needing a career defining feud. Any given moment they have on camera CAN BE career defining.”Stone Cold” Steve Austin would’ve had a job if his character didn’t beat The Rock.

These men and women don’t have that luxury. Every moment they’re on camera, whether it’s at the gym, in the ring, or on the road, they have a microscope looking for hints of doubt to show they’re not worth the investment the WWE is putting into them. It’s a golden opportunity to prove they’re not only worth it, but that they are the next “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, or the next Trish Stratus, or the first Dana Brooke.


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