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Movie Review: Hunger Games Breaking Dawn Part 2

Shit, I mean Mockingjay. -Steven Richard K

Movie review: Hunger Games Breaking Dawn Part 2

Shit, I meant Mockingjay.

This is the fourth and final movie in the Hunger Games Trilogy that they turned into a quadrilogy.

When the first one came out I was hesitant to check it out. They already made this movie in Japan. It was called Battle Royale. A middle school class is brought to an island and must kill each other and the last remaining person to live gets to live. It was done well and violent and entertaining.

I kinda liked the first three to varying levels. They were cheesy at times but fairly entertaining. If you haven’t seen the first three and you’re thinking about seeing this one, what the hell is wrong with you? You can just walk into the fourth movie in a four movie series without having seen the first three and not have any second thoughts about it? How do you do that!? Do you just not give a fuck!? Like, seriously.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman! Love this guy. He will be missed. They must have shot a lot of his scenes before he passed away. That was a thought that I just had and I typed it into my computer. I’m not going to delete it. I’m going to let it sit there in the movie review for you all to learn how dumb I am.

I didn’t really like this movie. It took a bit too long on stuff that didn’t matter. If they make a novelization of this movie I think they should combine the last 2 movies into 1 book. Oh, they split the last book up into 2 movies? Ok, well, maybe they shouldn’t have done that. They doubled their money and made an extra couple hundred million dollars because they did it this way? Well fuck them and don’t go see this movie. Give them less money please.

Good thing the people in power didn’t plan better or this would have been a much shorter movie. If you want to kill rebels don’t get sweet with it. Just kill them. This isn’t a fucking cheesy James Bond movie. I guess it is tho. Its for children. This is a violent children’s movie.

There can be traps anywhere and everywhere. They were in a subway station and the ceiling shot lasers or something for some reason. They had time to install those laser things. Also the floor exploded but luckily it exploded in a wave so they can run away in time. So that’s good.

There are contractual agreements with actor organizations and movie studios. If an actor has more than a certain number of lines they get certain billing/ pay. They cleverly had a character who didn’t have a tongue so they probably didn’t have to pay him very much. Clever bastards.

So, for 15 minutes halfway through the movie it turned into a zombie movie. “Mutts” were released to kill the rebels. Apparently a game maker can make them and then send them at people.

Here’s an approximate conversation I had with Sarah right after the movie.

Steve: Remember, um, remember in the movie we just saw when there were those zombie things?

Sarah: Yeah they weren’t zombies they were “mutts.”

Steve: Oh, OK, but maybe for the sake of this conversation I’m just gonna keep calling them zombies. So remember the zombies? How did they see? I don’t think they had any eyes.

Sarah: I don’t know, they weren’t zombies.

Steve: OK. Remember the zombies in the movie we just saw? How come they didn’t make more zombies to kill all the rebels. They seemed pretty effective.

Sarah: I don’t know.

Steve: Where do you think the zombies came from?

Sarah: The game maker made them.

Steve: Is he like an engineer or something? Like a weapons manufacturer?

Sarah: I guess so yeah, he makes the stuff that happens in the game.

Steve: Remember when the rebels were attacking? They needed weapons and stuff like that to defend against the rebels.

Sarah: Yeah

Steve: How come they didn’t make more stuff like that so that they could use them against the rebels when they attacked the city?

Sarah: They did remember the pods? They had booby traps set up all over the city.

Steve: Yeah, but how come they didn’t just like give some of the soldiers weapons and then when they needed to use the weapons of the bad guys since they had them.

Sarah: I don’t know.

Steve: Remember in that movie we saw they had zombies in the sewer?

Sarah: Yeah Hunger Games 4.

Steam: No I’m talking about that other movie with the zombies. Resident Evil or maybe Resident Evil 2 with Michelle Rodriguez.

Sarah: Oh yeah, I like those movies.

Steve: They should have had more zombies in this movie. It was only for a couple minutes.


The ending wasn’t sad enough. All my wife remembered about the ending was that the sister dies. I mean don’t get me wrong, she dies but they sort of gloss over it. Like, she’s sad for little bit and then she moves on. This is America. Films must be happy. And you must be happy. And if you’re not there’s a prescription for that!

She chose to fall in love with the guy who didn’t have military training because the war guy knew that war strategy was war. Sarah said that she picked the one she couldn’t live without. I say she picked the one that wasn’t the war guy cuz the war guy was war. She blamed war guy cuz sister died and Sarah said it was his idea. So war guy was war and war bad. Love good though.

TLDR: 2/5. If you like these movies you maybe will like this movie. If you kind of liked the other movies you probably wont like this one. I didn’t really like this one. As far as movies I’ve had to watch this was towards the top of the pile but I really didn’t like it.

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