If Princeton Students Hate Woodrow Wilson So Much, Why Did They Attend Princeton In The First Place?

Woop, woop! Hear that? That is the sound of social justice coming your way.

Apparently, students at Princeton University just stopped sucking on their mothers titties and opened their eyes for the first time, because they are demanding that Woodrow Wilson’s name be scrubbed from every inch of the institution. There isn’t much debate that Woodrow Wilson was a massive piece of shit , but this isn’t breaking news. The man has been dead since 1924. This is akin to finding out Santa Claus isn’t real and it hurt your feelings, so you demand his likeness be removed from anything Christmas related so the propagation of lies be stopped. People in general were a LOT more racist when Woodrow Wilson was alive. You should probably be just as/more mad at the people who voted him into offices (Presidency, Governorship) and power than the man himself. If you look hard enough, you will find something not to like in almost every aspect of American history and the World.

Your grandparents are probably racist to some degree, are you going to start giving back all that money they gave you for your birthday? Doubt it. People can be really shitty and still contribute in a positive, beneficial way to this world. Sorry, but it is true kids. Racist or not, Wilson was a driving force in the Treaty of Versailles. You know, that little thing that ended World War Fucking One.

The real question is: If these kids who attend Princeton are supposed to be so smart, then why did they attend a school so steeped in Woodrow Wilson history; A man they so vehemently dislike?


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