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Movie Review: The Night Before

Is the night before the night to see The Night Before before The Night Before be forlornly leaves the theater? -Steven Richard K

For comedies like this one you need to already be on board. If you saw the preview or saw who was in this movie and thought to yourself that you might like this movie, you will enjoy it. If you saw this and thought it wasn’t for you, there’s nothing that will convince you.

I was on board with this movie. I like the actors. Joseph Gordon Levitt has impressed with quite a few good movies, haven’t seen him too much in comedy so we’ll see how it goes. I’ve loved Seth Rogen all the way from Freaks and Geeks to Steve Jobs.

Written in part by Evan Goldberg. He wrote Superbad, Goon, Pineapple Express, and This is the End, and I loved all of those.

Directed (and written) by Jonathan Levine. He Directed 50/50 which was a good and was about JoGo dealing with cancer, The Wackness which was a pretty good movie about a kid selling weed in NY, and Warm Bodies which was a meh zombie movie.

This movie was a lot of fun and delightful. Sure you’ve seen many of the funny parts in the trailer but when you get to them they are still funny. There are a few fun cameos in this that make it that much more fun.

I can watch Seth Rogen trip on mushrooms for hours. He is hilarious and how he reacts to things is great.

There’s not a lot of truly absurd disgusting stuff in this one, which was appreciated. It seemed like for a while all the raunchy comedies were trying to outdo themselves by somehow one upping with gross body fluids and that like but this one doesn’t go for that.

Of course this is a holiday film so it has to warm your heart and it does so in a cute way. The love story was sweet.

The Night Before is out everywhere today.

TLDR: 4.5/5. This is a fun holiday movie. If you want to kick start the holiday spirit and get some good laughs check this one out. I can see myself rewatching this on DVD during the holiday season next year and maybe more after that.

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