Adele Drops “25,” Local Man Thinks She Could Lose 10-15 More



Adele has finally released her new album “25.” When asked his thoughts on the British singer’s third record, Paul Gagliano, a local man from Winchester, MA responded, “25 sounds great and all, but she looks like she could still lose about 10-15 more.”
He added, “I mean, unless she is going for that Patti LaBelle thing. I don’t know. I am not into big girls. First, it was 19 and then, 21. Now it’s 25. It just seems like after seven years she would have lost more by now. Yo-yoing or plateuing, she probably needs to find a diet plan that works for her and stick to it. Whatever, though, she seems to be doing well for herself otherwise.”

Listen to Adele’s new album, “25,” on Spotify

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