Hating Tom Brady OK But Hating Cam Newton Makes You A Racist

There are plenty of reasons reasons to dislike Cam Newtown, being racist doesn’t have to be one of them. -GrimeBone

For the most part, if you live outside of New England, hating Tom Brady is a way of life. When the four time Super Bowl Champion wins, the country scrambles for excuses to vilify him. When he loses, the world takes great joy. People don’t like how handsome he is or his incredible underdog story . Outside the occasional awkwardly pitched screech after a QB dive into the end zone for a touchdown, he is rather modest and humble on and off the field. Brady is disliked so much that people feel the need to lie and say that his wife, the highest paid model in the world since 2004, isn’t actually beautiful. In 2015, hating Tom Brady is apropos.

But, if you don’t like Cam Newton, you are a racist. Newton, much like Brady, is a good looking, marketable football star. The difference being that he loves to showboat and that really rubs people the wrong way, especially is professional sports (imagine if he played baseball!) Plenty of people will be quick to let you know that it is a large cultural difference and the reason he draws your ire is racial tension. Maybe, though, it is because you are tired of watching him overthrow/miss his wide open receivers and then when he finally makes a routine completion, he is pushing his own teammates out of the way to throw down a celebration dance. Perhaps it is because he is tearing down a fan’s sign in Bank of America Stadium or he is hyping up the crowd because the Panthers won the division at 7-9 last year. Or it could be his streaks of complete ineffectiveness like Carolina’s six game losing streak last year. Brady’s worst QBR year is Cam’s average. This is the same guy who has put up the same numbers as Colin Kaepernick this season and you know what that has gotten Kap.

Sure, the Panthers are undefeated this year with him at the helm, but the only team they have beaten this year that has a winning record is the Green Bay Packers, who, if you haven’t noticed, have turned into a rolling dumpster fire since their loss to Denver. Back up that showboating, Cam. Win something post college for once and no, last year’s playoff win against the Ryan Lindley led, quarterback depleted Arizona Cardinals doesn’t count. There are plenty of reasons to dislike Cam Newton and being racist doesn’t have to be one of them.


P.S.- Ok, fine. There are plenty of folks who DO hate Cam Newton because they ARE racist.

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