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Movie Review: My All American

Does Eckhart play ball? -Steven Richard K

After my Woodlawn fiasco I’m weary of going to the theater to see a PG football movie. I do a tiny bit of research and I see that the word “religion” doesn’t appear anywhere in the description.

This is also made (with some level of involvement) by the dude who made Rudy. (Written and directed by the guy who wrote Rudy and co-wrote Hoosiers, so he knows a good sports story. Let’s see if he can direct.)

Oh no. The trailer for that chasing Jesus movie again. I’m holding my breath. If the sequel to that God not dead one is next I’m doomed… Oh no. What have I done? Another trailer for a movie about Jesus. “The Young Messiah”

Is it happening again!?

[Holds breath.]

Oh noooo. I looked this movie up again during the previews. It’s based upon the life of a dude named Freddie Steinmark, and a book was just published called “Freddie Steinmark: FAITH, Family, Football.”

The critics generally aren’t happy with this one. Only about a third of them enjoy it. I’ll let you know if it’s worth your time.


My All American is sort of cheesy but for me that was okay. This is definitely a football movie. There is so much football in this movie you know the director loves it.

Because of my traumatic experience with Woodlawn and my fear that this was a church movie I had to look out for every mention of church or God. With a couple of additional scenes or mentions this could have very well been Woodlawn. It wasn’t. It touched upon his faith and God and they didn’t try to convince me it was the only way. It very briefly showed or mentioned that it was a part of his life but it didn’t get too preachy with it, which was very much appreciated.

I took the note: “Nothing bad happens” then minutes later “Oh shit! Oh fuck!”

It got a little dusty in the theater toward the end there…

TLDR: 3/5 I liked this movie. It’s not great, but its pretty good though. Sure it was cheesy and sort of formulaic but I enjoyed myself while watching it. Go into it not expecting to be blown away and let it wash over you and you’ll like it too. Come March if this is up on Netflix instant and you’re missing real football this one will give you a good two hours of enjoyment.

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