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The cum shot heard around the world…….

image1 (2)

“When you pull out you pull out completely right?…. Because I know I told you about birth control but I’m still waiting for it……”

Gentlemen if your member stays saluted a few minutes after a round this will be a sure statement to make sure he doesn’t stick around.

After hearing that statement I absolutely positively can tell you that every single thing that has happened in my life flashed before my eyes.

I can hear the packie President in my ear saying kid you always got to have a bag.

OK fellas I’m safe I hope…..but you guys need to know that this is a risk factor. this shit is real. Now while I cant go back and analyze every single stroke that I’ve put in I can assure myself moving forward loads will be shot free and clean until confirmation of the good ol’ birth control.

Be careful fellas



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