Paris and France are in our Hearts #ParisStrong

On Friday night, when people where just trying to enjoy the beginning of the weekend, terror barge though Paris and destroy lives and people’s peace of mind. Restaurants, Theaters and sporting centers, all place where people should be safe, violated.

I have been to Paris. It is very much like NYC. A busy city where people from all around the world go to for vacation and business. It is a beautiful city full of culture and entertainment. I enjoyed my time there very much and am very sadden by the news. A city that seems so safe, isn’t safe no longer.
Hopefully justice is served and hopefully someday we all can live in peace. Live in a world where we don’t need metal detectors in schools, sporting events and the movies. I don’t want to live in a world where I have to worry if my plane will fall from the sky. Worry if someday my kids are going to be killed when they are going to the mall. 
The only solution is for everyone to come together and live in peace. God Bless France, Paris and the entire world. Let peace someday become the norm. 

from the the #ParisStrong


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