Captain 100 proof review

This review comes from an avid brown liquor drinker someone who drinks expensive as well as cheap and this is in the middle range low Middle range for price.

Knock off similarities would include Admiral Nelson 101 proof.

A shot of the captain hundred proof brings a bold spice taste quickly disappearing.

With that extra alcohol being that it is 100 proof you immediately do get a warm feeling.

Captain hundred proof does mix well with Coke I would recommend not going diet you want that extra sugar to help cut that spice which does linger with a mixed drink.

Captain hundred is easily moderated but can get a little risky since you are dealing with the extra alcohol so I would ease into it.

All in all Captain hundred is a great day drinking alcohol keep you up awake and warm with little less drinking because it is a little bit stronger.

From experience with the captain hundred I will include that it doesn’t have a strong hangover the next day it is clean that doesn’t really come with a headache or anything.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy your captain hundred be safe.


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