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While car sex can be fun here are some helpful tips to make it more enjoyable


1. A small throw pillow perhaps. This comes in handy so when you’re significant others head and neck are jammed against the back window she’ll feel some comfort.
2. A Jiz rag because not everyone’s perfect at aiming you could make a mess. Nothing worse than having to smear your own cum all over your hs varsity jacket.

3. Find a good destination maybe a poorly lit car dealership. Or maybe try Kmart no one goes there anymore.

4. You should bring a first aid kit because your ankles gonna be Jamming sideways up against a piece of metal scraping bleeding for 10 minutes. You won’t realize this is happening because you’re enjoying yourself so much but trust me the pain will come.

5. You should have some beverages handy because ventilation while having sex in a car maybe cut off to a smooth warm right to an extremely muggy.

6. If you’re going to leave the Radio on pick a good music station you don’t want to get stuck listening to Bob Hope trying to throw a deep D.

7. A good stretch will help right before you start your activities. This stretch can help prevent some cramping while you’re still uncomfortable with the seat buckle up your ass.

With this being said I hope that you have an enjoyable experience.

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