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#RockyDay Third Dispatch. Eye of the Tiger.

Rocky is becoming what Apollo Creed was. A successful champion waiting to fall. Mr. T seems angry.

Was there really a Rocky pinball machine!? I love pinball! The internet says yes.

Hulk Hogan is in this one!? Hahaha!

Wow, Adrian has changed. She used to be a quiet bookish bet store girl but she has embraced the 80s.

Maybe peel the caution sticker off the windshield of the Model T style golf cart, it blocked the kids face in that one scene.

High school band playing the Rocky theme. Nice.

Shut up. The statue is in the movie. They made the statue for the movie!? They made 2!? Stallone donated it to the city and left it there. They moved it a bunch of times from the art museum to the sports complex. It’s not art its a movie prop blah blah blah. Hahaha. What kind of dude makes a statue of himself then donates the statue of himself to the city? That’s bananas. Good for him. Please read this article.

“We must get him to the hospital immediately” he says after waiting until after Rocky’s entrance and 2 rounds of boxing.

Apollo Creed is a good guy now.

If you were keeping track, Rocky was 30 in 1976, Rocky II was a year later. Rocky was 34 in Rocky III even though it was released in 1982.

Rocky gives up a lot. He quit boxing so many times. Adiran said some words so he unquit. Is he gonna quit again?

“I pity the fool.” Is this where it came from!?! Wikipedia says yes!!! I wonder if Stallone wrote that line.

I’m starting to feel the punches. Not the physical punches in the boxing ring. The punches up in the script. There are either too many or not enough of them.

This is Rocky’s last fight. Win lose or draw. I wonder what the next couple movies are about.

Between Rocky III and Rocky IV Stallone made a couple Rambo movies. First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II. First Blood was great. The second one was good but in a very different way. I would rather be watching those movies. Also those movies remind me of being introduced to the hard drug “Hot Pockets” while these movies played late night on cable.

Oh shit. First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II are both on instant! I had batted around the idea of watching Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI) somehow but maybe I’ll do those two instead. (Ambitious!) Oh shit. Rambo III is too. What a waste of a day. #art

Is the next one when Russia gets involved?

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